Skin Care/Skin Analysis

Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring removes unwanted hair with Sugar Paste.  It's actually an ancient form of hair removal which has been practiced since the days of Cleopatra.  More gentle than waxing and yet very effective.  Sanitary, organic, effective and safe.  Try it, you will love the results, smooth, soft hairless skin!


Stop and think about your feet.  They are the foundation of your body and they work hard for you. 

Whether you are a diabetic looking for someone skilled in basic foot care or wanting to get your feet ready for your beach holiday, trust your feet to a Master Pedicurist.

Advanced Skin Analysis is the first step in determining how to treat your skin to ensure optimal skin health and beauty.  With a personal  Skin Analysis Report we can create a new skin-health plan designed specifically for you.

Facials are not off the shelf but rather designed - For You!

Healthy Aging Alaska Style is dedicated to Healthy Aging.  We believe that aging is a normal part of life and the ultimate goal is to be the healthiest, best you, at every age.  No "anti-aging" talk and bemoning of wrinkles here.  Rather we want to celebrate those "Lines-Of-Honor" because our faces tell story.  A story of lives full of experiences, high's and low's and wisdom gained that only comes with the details of our unique, individual journey's.  

Our focus will be to partner with you to help you look your best, be your healthies and feel great during the process.  

This Month's Quote - "A twenty-three-long study in Ohio determined that people who say growing older as something positive lived a whopping seven and a half years longer than those who didn't.  -

Victoria Moran, Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvinate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit.